April 23, 2011

re-directing to NEW BLOG

even though we only just started; we've already moved to a new spot/blog, 
please visit us at: http://sixedges.wordpress.com

April 9, 2011

Starting somewhere...

In September already we had the idea to have a graduation blog to document our progress throughout the year, to share our thoughts, ideas, inspiration, sketches etc...in a way make a shared online portfolio. Now it's time to dust the cobwebs of that idea, so here goes...

Uncut@Brakke Grond, 12th November 2010

Magnetism Mood Images posted by Amos Tranque


"Anything that restores your health should be approved as a valid medicine”

In general, my works are mostly expressing my concerns about human behavior. Trying to explore how to turn something negative into positive in order to create a healthy state of mind. We as individuals have to share the same environment and it is for our own benefit to create a good positive harmony. Any physical or emotional action we do during the course of our lives are basically connected to our 'Self'. The perception of our environment, the way we feel, react and interact with our surroundings depends on how our body and mind state are at that point in time.

For my graduation collection I'm researching what are the connections between medicine and fashion. My aim and main inspiration is to introduce magneto therapy as an alternative medicine in conjunction with fashion. Magnets incorporated into garments and placed at specific acupuncture points of the body. At the same time I’m approaching the principles of magnetism in a conceptual and abstract way to deepen the design vocabulary of the collection. 

Searching for the invisible space the force of magnets create around our body. The aim of this work is to create a level of awareness between the mind and body, our connection with the natural world and unlock the door to the many possibilities of fashion as a channel to medicine and science.

Here, some of the inspiration pictures I'm using for this collection.

Nancy Rubins - Airplane parts 2003

Damian Ortega

Nick Cave - Sound suit